Accessibility statement
Sanofi invests effort and resources in order to provide its customers with an equal, respectable, accessible and professional service. The Company operates and promotes the issue of accessibility as defined in the Accessibility Legislation and considers customers with disabilities equal rights, who are entitled to enjoy full access to the Company's assets and services.
The purpose of this section of the website is to inform about the company's accessibility arrangements

The company will continue to work to improve the accessibility of the service it provides to its customers.

Informing all company employees - All company employees know about the obligations of the law, emphasizing the prohibition of discrimination, the provision of equal service in an inclusive environment, and the company's accessibility arrangements for customers with disabilities.

Service Training for Employees - Service workers have been trained to provide service to people with disabilities as well as center managers.

Telephone service centers - Our service centers are available and accessible to all our customers, including people with disabilities. The voicemail is optimized and has no background music, at a slow pace and in simple language.

Delivery of information in an accessible format - the company provides its customers with the option of receiving information in accessible formats. The provision of information is free of charge and is intended for people with disabilities. For inquiries and information regarding accessibility, you can contact the company's accessibility coordinator, Beno Shai, at the email address:

Internet accessibility

Sanofi sees paramount importance in making its website accessible to people with disabilities.
An accessible website improves the convenience and ease of use for people with disabilities. The site was built in accordance with the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities (Accessibility Adjustments to the Service) Regulations, 2013 and the W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, level AA.

The following is a description of some of the actions performed as part of the site's accessibility:
Accessibility menu - At the beginning of each page you will find an accessibility menu that allows you to:

- Resize the font.
-Change the color contrast.
- Skip directly to the page content,
-Main menu and search, using keyboard.
- Stop the movement of texts and images, to reduce congestion and distractions.

All operations on the site can be performed using a keyboard as follows: Pressing the Tab key moves to the following link and pressing the Enter key activates the link. Pressing Shift-Tab redirects to the previous link.

Adaptations for blind users - The site is adapted for surfers who use screen reader software.

The site includes:

- Alternate texts for pictures
-Division of the site into navigation areas and a central content area and the possibility of skipping between them
-Using ARIA to improve the unfolding ability of the screen reader.

Accessibility reservations and accessibility inquiries:

We continue to invest a lot of effort in making the site accessible. However, parts of the site that are not yet accessible may be discovered. If you encounter a problem or have a comment or question, we would be happy if you write to Daphne Makover:

Or send a letter to 10 Bnei Gaon St., PO Box 8090 Netanya, 4250499. Phone: 09-8633700.

You can view the 2.1 Website Accessibility Guidelines:
In Hebrew
In English

Ways to contact:
The company will be happy to receive inquiries for information and / or suggestions for improvement in order to improve customer service
For inquiries and information about accessibility, you can contact Daphne Makover: Email

The accessibility statement was updated in October 2020